Welcome to EICT Group

EICT is a team of qualified professionals specialized in

Search Engine Optimization/Marketing for your company websites.

Nowadays, the competition in business is increasing lots of new industries & work profiles are launching with new ideas. To be competent enough in the market & promote yourself/company SEO/SEM plays a vital role. Our specialized team will do research according to you business needs & will provide you with complete e-Commerce solutions which will make you equipped enough to compete with the latest market trends to make more money & attract more customers towards your company.

EICT deals with all kinds of websites IE-

1. Static Web Designing (which can not be managed & changed by the customers)

2. Dynamic (which can be changed & modified by the customers according to their companies data & requirement)

3. Specialized CMS Content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, other Blogs & profiling etc.

4. e-Commerce websites like quikr, ebay etc, which are specifically used for business purpose like selling, purchasing, export-import, Trading etc. This will provide you an easy & effective medium for Company to Company communication & Company to Client communication.

SEO/SEM Search engine optimization/Marketing & Social media promotion services:-

To increase the listing & Ratings of your company on internet and to increase the search ability of your company websites & contact information our company provides very effective SEO/SEM services. Also, to be popular on social media sites like twitter, Facebook, linkedin & Orkut etc. we provide specialized social media promotional services which is a fast medium to attract customers for your company.