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cms web designing

cms a software program for a non professional user to add, edit, delete, publish the web content in there website without technical knowledge

full form of cms in Content Management System


why cms used ?

from many time when a user or business got website his first consent is to be updated. Unlike catalog which cant be updated. In old times website built with html which a normal person dont know hence he was unable to update his website. But these days website built on cms so that a website owner can change website content with ease


which language cms use ?

cms normally built in php. These days there are many open source ready to use cms are available, like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. cms is powered by php (hypertext pre processor) which is combination of html and c language to make it advance of html


what is open source cms and importance of cms ?

Open source is technology which is not own by a single person or company. Its a public project where all the developers in world can put there contribution to make it better and reliable. The importance is very clear that everyone prefer to be updated with latest technologies so cms is the best option.

we use wordpress, joomla, drupal and custom php cms for our customers

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cms web designing in jalandhar, Punjab, India