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A web site presents you and your business to the world through the medium of internet. Thus, your web site is a significant factor in promoting your image and business over the internet. An effective website goes far beyond visual appeal. It serves as a hard working, twenty-four by seven extension of your organization. It makes a good business sense to choose your web site design company carefully.

Successful web design requires several elements, innovative engaging graphical design, fast stable performance, and a clear focus on functionality and usability.

At EICT, we design web sites that enrich the look of your business and are professionally designed, unique in style, easy to use, convenient to navigate, fast to load and search engine friendly. We understand that your web site is a tool to tap into the enormous potential of Internet marketing and sales resources. Our staff specializes in all aspects of web design and development from concept to completion.

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CMS Website Designing

Numerous websites on the internet have not been updated since they were created years ago. It is not only bad for your image as far as visitors are concerned, but search engines also take note of this, and you will gradually drop further down their results.

Keeping it active

A website is most successful when it is integrated with the working practices of an organisation. A dynamic solution enables you to update the content yourself, without the need to involve the web designer / developer again.

The solution we offer is based on a highly flexible and resilient content management system, dotAdmin. The modular structure of the solution enables you to start by implementing the core functionality you require for the average website.

What is good CMS design?

* Accommodates the needs of content and navigation regardless of length.
* Considers not just the present, but future needs and growth.
* Exemplifies page-to-page consistency in element placement, type, colors, and imagery.
* Defines a set of standards that are broad enough to accommodate current and future content needs, but strict enough to maintain strong site-wide consistency. Navigation that makes it clear where you are, where you came from, what’s related, and how to go elsewhere.
* Retains its identity and consistency regardless of what text it contains or how it’s scaled.
* Understands and uses the limitations of XHTML/HTML5 as an asset.

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